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Why use Contentwriter.com.my?

Content Writer is a content sourcing marketplace in Malaysia, featuring hundreds of high-quality Malaysian content creators across a broad range of industries. It is a platform for content creators to showcase your skills and offer your writing services to businesses.

Exposure is a key element to any freelance writing business. You may be an experienced professional who has developed and refined your capabilities, but without adequate promotion your skill set and associated income will not reach its full potential.

Let us promote your writing services using a wide variety of marketing initiatives, while giving you access to our existing customer base which has been growing for over 5 years. Your profile will highlight your attributes to thousands of potential clients in an accessible, easy-to-read format. Those who appreciate your services can not only add positive ratings and reviews to your profile, but they can also use social media to recommend your services to their friends.

How do I register as Content Writer?

Choose Sign-up >> Writer

  • Fill up your particular details
  • Provide as much details about your skills and experience in this writing area
  • Click Submit

Our team will review each and every application submitted and will approve only if you meet our criteria and qualification.

Once approved, you will receive email notification from us and may start using our platform.

What are the benefits for writers?
  • Your own profile page to promote your writing service
  • Customer review and rating
  • Email notification on new projects post related to your category chosen during registration
  • Get invited from customer directly
  • No commission is charged on jobs awarded to you (You keep 100% of your earnings)
  • Your own customer project tracking platform to manage your writing projects
  • We will bring customers to you, instead of you searching them
  • We will handle the marketing and promoting your services to mass market
Is it free to register as content writer?

Signing up as content writer is free for all users.
When you sign-up first time, you will be given a free trial of 10 job connects (10 credits) to use for proposal submission purpose.
Each proposal submission will deduct 1 job connect (1 credit) from your account.
Once your job connects are exhausted, you will need to purchase our job connect package to submit more proposals to customers.

What is Job Connect?

Job Connect is a credit points used in this platform for the purpose of proposal submission to customer’s project.

1 Job Connect = 1 credit point

As a content writer, you need to have Job connect Credits in your account if you want to respond to new customer job request.
When you propose a quote to a job posted or request by customer, we will deduct 1 Job Connect Credit from your account, and we will show you how many Job Connect Credits you have in your profile page.
You must have enough Job connect credits in your account to submit job proposal quote, or else you won’t be able to send a quote.
All new registered writers will be given 10 free job connects for trial purpose.

You may purchase more job connects from our packages as below:

  • (Basic) 10 Job Connects – RM40 (Average price of RM4 each job connect)
  • (Silver) 20 Job Connects – RM60 (Average price of RM3 each job connect)
  • (Gold) 50 Job Connects – RM100 (Average price of RM2 each job connect)
How do I purchase more Job Connect Credits?

Click on Buy Job Connect in your profile dashboard.
Choose the preferred package with number of job connect credits.
You will be taken to payment page where you could choose either to pay by PayPal or Local Bank Transfer.
Write your name as reference in payment details and email us the transaction receipt detail.
Once we confirm the payment, we will add the job connect credits into your account.

Can I get refund for unused job connect credits?

Yes, you may request for a refund by selling back to us the unused job connect credits available in your account if you wish to delete your profile.
We will refund a standard rate of RM2.00 for each job connect credit balance.
(Not available for free job connect credits)

Do you take any commission on successfully completed jobs?

No, we do not take any commission on jobs completed by you.
You earn 100% of what your charge your customer.

Do you handle any payment transaction in this website?

No, currently we do not handle any payment transactions between you and your customer.
You will need to discuss the payment agreement with customer upfront before you begin your writing task.

How do you ensure the customers are genuine and pays upon job completion?

All customers need to register their details with us before posting a job or request a quote from you.
We strongly advice you to get a deposit before starting the writing task or an payment agreement to avoid any dispute in later stage.

How do i make my profile details to appear on top of the page?

You may boost your profile to the top of the page by purchasing our advertise options which is shown in your profile dashboard.
For just RM50/month, your profile will be shown on top of the category page chosen.

How do I ensure my proposal wins the job?

There are no guarantee that all proposal submitted by writers will win a job.
But by following the below guidelines, your chances of winning a job is high.
Your proposal should mention:

  • Your skills and experience related to the job
  • Sample portfolio or link to your online site like Linkedin or personal website
  • Your rate or quote
  • Timeline to complete the job
I have applied for a job. Now what?

Great! Your proposal is emailed to the job requestor and they will contact you if the proposal meets their requirements and budget.

I have applied and submitted my proposal for a job, but no reply receive yet. Why?

All proposal submitted by writers will be emailed to the respective person who posted the job listing.
Only shortlisted or selected writer will be contacted to proceed with the project.


What type of jobs/projects can I post?

As a customer (employer), you may post any jobs/projects related to content writing like writing blogs, SEO articles, company profile, product review, press release, website content or social media posting.

Do employers pay to post a job?

No. Posting jobs/projects in this platform is free.
You just need to provide clear job descriptions and to be responsive to content writer questions.

Does the employer pay the writer directly?

Yes. this platform isn’t a middle-man or agent. Writers and employers work directly together.
We are not involved and has no legal restrictions like other sites.

Are there any processing fees or commission fees?

No. Employers don’t pay processing fees like other sites.
Writers don’t pay commission fees like other sites.

How do I select a writer for my job/project?

There are 2 method to select a writer:

  1. Once you have submitted your job post description, we will notify our group of writers who are specialist in that area to submit their proposal to you.
  2. You may also browse each writer profile individually and invite them to submit proposal.

Once you receive their proposal, you may select the best qualified writer for your job and discuss further directly with them.

How do I pay my writer?

Once you have chosen a writer for your job/project, you can directly discuss the payment terms with the writer.
This platform does not support payment escrow services.
We provide the freedom for both you and your writer to deal the payment method as you wish.

Can I add my contact details in the Job Description?

No. Employers/Job Requestor are highly encouraged to use the “Invite for Job” function to communicate with the Writer because the contact details of employers/job requestor may be used by unauthorised party for unlawful purposes.
Note: Moderator will remove any contact details written on the job description.

How long will my posted job will be displayed in the website?

All job listing will have 14 days duration before it gets expired.