What is Content Writer Malaysia?

Content Writer is a Content Marketplace that offers competitive pricing on content creation gigs, which will only cost you from RM50 onwards.

How does Content Writer Marketplace works?

We offer a platform for client/buyers to purchase content services easily from content writers in Malaysia.

As a Client or Buyer, all you have to do is search for a content service gig either by using the search bar at the top or by browsing the categories on the left side and then purchase the service gig that fits your needs. And just like all the other online marketplaces, you can see sellers’ ratings and contact them directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Are we allowed to work outside of this platform?

Our goal is to make this site as a trusted place for both parties. In order to achieve this objective, as a buyer/client you have to use our workspace for project communication. This is to protect you as client and content writer’s work.

But, we can’t 100% protect our users, so be careful when you dealing with unknown users or clients. Please make sure you known the client and payment terms before start working on any projects.


How do I add my content services?

Click on Register as Content Writer button in main page.

Fill up your profile, cover photo and choose your category of content skills and fill up all the required details and portfolio.

Next, click Jobs >> New Job and fill in all the details about your service with catchy cover image.

Once submitted, our moderator will review your job service and will decide whether to approve or decline your service.

You may also refer our guide on How to add your job service?

How to create my own service images?

Images are one of the most crucial factors that will determine whether or not buyers will want to click on your Service Job and order your service.

Upload image that describe or relate to your Service.
Image format and size as below:
Formats: JPEG or PNG,
Suggested Dimension: 400 pixels wide, 264 pixels height

You may use free online tools like canva.com to create your job design and freepik to download free images. Click here for guide on how to create service image using Canva.

Note: Please ensure the image you use are royalty free (avoid Copyrighted Images).

Or if you still having issue creating one, contact us to get help.

How do I define my pricing for my service job?

You may sell your service from RM50.00 onwards.

There are no maximum limit on how much you could charge for your service package.

How do I receive my payment?

We offer payment through either Paypal.

For Paypal, you will need to register a Paypal account for free.

Once registered, payment can be transferred to your Paypal account upon withdrawal request.

If you want us to transfer payment to your local bank account, then update your bank account details in your profile page.

If you dealing offline, then make sure both parties agreed to the payment terms.

Do you charge any fees?

There are no fees charged, but we take 15% commission from every successful service you sell to your client/buyer (for Paypal only).

If you are dealing offline, then no charges incurred.

How do i withdraw my payment?

Once the payment from buyer is credited to your account, you may request for withdrawal of fund from your account. Minimum amount of withdrawal is RM40.

Go to your dashboard and choose Payment >> Withdraw Money

You may request to transfer to either your Paypal account or any Local Bank Account in Malaysia.
Please ensure your payment method is updated.

Once you submit your request, a Email Verification will be send to you for verification. Click on the verification link to proceed.

This withdrawal process will take 1-2 days to complete.

But if you dealing offline, then you need to handle payment directly with client on your own.

Why ratings and reviews are important?

To get another job it is recommended to manage your previous job very effectively so that the customer will review about your service better, as every buyer or client will check your profile before purchasing your services.

What if category related to my skill is not available?

In that case we request you to write to us at contact@contentwriter.com.my, we will then see to it and get back to you within 24 hours.

I do not see my images get published in job service post. What should I do?

If you have uploaded your images, but still it didn’t get published in your job service page, it could be because your image size is too small. Try uploading again with correct image size or send us your image and we will help update for you.

Suggested Dimension: 600 pixels wide, 400 pixels height

How to get notification for any new job request posted by customer?

In your dashboard, choose Request >> Notifications as below.

Choose the Categories which you would like to be notify on any new job request posted and click SAVE.

Am I allowed to communicate with client outside the platform?

No, we discourage you from communicating offline with client as we can’t monitor your task and won’t be able to handle any dispute if it arises.

What if there is a dispute after assigning the task?

We suggest you to try to resolve through mutual understandings and communications. And if nothing can be done at your level than you can always write us to contact@contentwriter.com.my, we will analyse your query and will get back to you within 24 hours.


How do I hire a content writer?

Search for service job and click on buy button or click contact service provider.

Communicate with content writer via our chat messaging system.

Once both of you agree to the job task, make payment via Paypal or Local bank transfer.

Once task is complete, approve to release payment to content writer.

I can't find the service I'm looking for, how do I post a service request?

Click on Post a Job Request and register your details with together with your service request details. Our content writers who are interested in your job request will contact you soon.

Do you charge any fees?

No, There will no charges or fees for buying content services. You only pay for the service you purchase direct from content writers.

What kind of payment method available to pay the content writers?

Payment can be made via Local online banking or Paypal. We use escrow payment system meaning your payment will be held in fund account and will be only released to content writer once you approved project completion.

Another method is paying writers directly offline.

What if the content writer left my work incomplete or the work is not satisfied?

We suggest both the party to co-ordinate and maintain the dignity. But if you see no solution then contact us through email at contact@contentwriter.com.my. We will then communicate with both the parties and if we find that the writer failed to complete your job then we will refund your money. Note that we does not provide any guarantee of the work or job done by content writers.