Frequently Asked Questions

General is a Content Marketplace that connects both content creators with businesses that seeking for content writing services at reasonable rates.

We offer a platform for client/buyers to purchase content services easily from content creators in Malaysia.

As a Client or Buyer, you may post your job request for free or search for content services offered by freelancers in this platform.

Anyone who are currently seeking for remote jobs (freelancer, part-timer, full-timer or contract/project based worker) can sign-up in this platform.

Our platform is well suited for:

  • Full-time working professionals interested in finding 2ndjob to earn extra income
  • Anyone looking for additional income that utilizes their professional skills and education
  • Stay at home Parents who are seeking zero commute and a flexible schedule jobs
  • Fresh graduates who is in search of Full-time/Part-time or Freelance work
  • Retirees interested in staying professionally active and earning additional income working from home
  • Individuals with physical or health issues searching for telecommuting jobs that suit their needs

For Employers/Job Requestors

Yes, posting jobs is FREE for employers

Verification Code is used to avoid or prevent spam user from registering in our platform.

It is needed to confirm your registration and the user is not a machine bot.

You will receive your one-time verification code in your mail box or spam folder.

We offer 2 types of payment gateway which you may use in this platform, which are Paypal and Bank Transfer (for Malaysian Local banks). 

You may also use offline payment option, if you wish to take this project offline.

We are in progress of adding more payment options in near future.

Yes, You may.
If you take up the project offline or outside the platform, we do not guarantee any payment for the project.
Any issues arises from this project will not be handle by us and you need to manage it by yourself.

No, as a employer or job requester, we hope you don’t display your contact details in the job posting section for privacy purpose. 

Freelancers or Content Creators will have options in their dashboard to send you proposal directly using secure messaging system.

We hope we don’t have such issues. In rare case that we have to intervene, we will do our best to sort out the issue with best interest for both parties.

We advice both parties to discuss the project requirements and payment details upfront to avoid such disputes.

Please read this FAQ section for frequently asked questions or you may contact us at

You may also use our contact page here.

For Content Creators/Freelancers

The site brings you fresh daily job listings that you can apply to right away, daily job alert emails, online profile update for cover letters to help speed-up the application process, a convenient profile-job management dashboard that lets you save jobs and track job application history, and dedicated customer service eager to help in your job search.

Yes, all first-time sign-up jobseekers are given a free account to register their profile and search and apply for jobs.

Your free account provides the following benefits:

  • Gain access to search for all remote jobs
  • Apply and submit your proposal for up to 10 job applications (valid for 1 year)
  • Personalized email job alerts based on job-skills preferences
  • Save jobs to apply later
  • Confidential upload and storage of profile and cover letters to quickly apply to new jobs
  • Job History to easily track jobs you already applied to
  • Contact employer using contact form
  • Easily upgrade your free account to premium package account anytime

Yes, you may.

But, do take note, that if you take up the project offline or outside the platform, we do not guarantee any payment for the project.
Any issues arises from this project will not be handle by us and you need to manage it by yourself.

All first time registered user are given a free plan valid for 6 months to use all features in this platform. This trial plan allows you to submit bid for projects using 10 credit proposal.

Once the credit proposal is finished or expired, you may purchase our premium package plans to continue bidding and submit more proposal. Each bid or proposal cost average of less than RM1.00 only.

Money Back Guarantee ensures your payment are secure and safe with us. If you feel the money you paid does not satisfy the services offered by the premium packages, you may request for refund within 14 days of time period.

Yes, besides bidding for a project or a job, you may also add your content creation service as a package (micro services). 

Once sign-up, click on Add Service in your dashboard to add your micro services. This micro services are similar to how you buy/sell a service in Fiverr website.

No. We do not charge any fees or commissions towards any work you may carry out for employers. Once you negotiate your payment amount and terms with the employers, you get paid the full amount of the quotation you provided to the employer during the proposal submission. We do not take any responsibility towards work carried out offline or payments between you and the employer.

On the other hand, if you wish to have a secure payment terms, then you may use our escrow payment services for a small fee of 15% of the project quoted. This will be deducted upon work completion.

No, we don’t guarantee job hiring. Because the hiring process is all handled by the employer directly.

We suggest you carefully think and choose projects that are more viable for you. You will also need to keep your proposal competitive. Mentioning your skills and expertise properly will also enhance your chances of securing the job.

Our primary goal is to provide you with legitimate and current job openings. While we do provide the job postings, we are not directly affiliated with the employer and do not have any contact with employers regarding who they do or do not assign the project. If an employer has interest in hiring you, they will contact you directly via your contact details given.