How to successfully sell your service in Content Writer Malaysia?

Once you have created a profile in Content Writer Malaysia marketplace, the next step is you should first make sure that your service is optimized.

How you can do that:

  1. A video – videos increase engagement by up to 40%. They also do something else that’s really important – they create trust. Trust is one of the most vital aspects of selling online, and here, you are selling yourself. Videos allow you to talk directly to your customer, detail what you will do, and build a connection.
  2. Key elements of the video Firstly, introduce yourself and thank the person for watching. Next, specifically tell them how your service job will help them. Then list your experience and tell them the areas you can work on. Finish by asking them to order. All of this is designed to create a connection and get them to take a desired action (ordering from you.) Even if you have no experience in taking a video that seems to work.
  3. Title of the service job– Getting the title right is incredibly important – it helps in searches and encourages people to click through. Write your title to specifically describe what you will do for the buyer. If you can, use evocative words (beautiful, powerful) that sets you apart from other sellers.
  4. Keywords – think about the keywords a potential buyer will type into the search box. Look at Google Trends and keyword research to see what people search for. Use those keywords.
  5. Images and samples – Never underestimate the power of images. They’re a chance to showcase your productivity and demonstrate the approach you take. They are another chance to validate your services and create a connection. Use PDFs of translation samples to show some of my work, too. If the images include a picture of you (and they should), make sure you smile.
  6. Packages – Describe exactly what each level of package does, and show the difference between them. Keep your descriptions short and concise. Add in any extras that are really going to create value for the buyer.
  7. About this job– This is your chance to tell people what you can do. Start by briefly describing the service job, then talk about the outcome for the buyer.They want to know the benefits to them. I also describe how I work with buyers, because I’m demonstrating I understand their needs. You may finish by giving a quick summary of your experience.
  8. Reviews – Reviews are extremely important social proof. In addition to requesting sellers review you(around 90% have), Also ask them to write something specific, as that’s always better than “outstanding experience.” Another tip is to review your buyer and make reference to the work you did for them. When other buyers are reading through and see you got a five star review for “content marketing”, if they have something similar, chances are they will hire you.
  9. Language – if you’re selling to buyers in your native language, that’s awesome. Just be sure to use correct wording, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If English (for example) is your second or third language, you might want to get it checked by a native speaker – small errors in language use can put buyers off. When you’re competing with so many other sellers, it’s vital to ensure everything is perfect.

After you finish with these nine points then it’t time for you to:

  • Social media advertising is the go-to means of promoting your service job. How you go about it depends on your service. If it’s part of your business, you can have your own business Facebook Page, and run a page dedicated to your service and the industry surrounding it. This adds an air of legitimacy to services with shady reputations, like SEO writing service. It also allows you to accumulate a targeted audience.

You may also want to broadcast your message in groups dedicated to your industry, or to your personal friends and family, for additional word of mouth.

Beyond Facebook, Twitter is the biggest and best means of promoting your writing service. You can also create Instagram photos and even YouTube videos. Figure out how much time you’re willing and able to spend running profiles, and manage as many as you can in that time.

We hope this can help you.


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