Remote Works which you can do from home

Remote Works which you can do from home

With current lockdown period that’s going on around the world, living the laptop lifestyle is a new working style that all are preparing. Perhaps you love working remotely and are ready to create an online business for yourself.

If you are thinking of starting an online business, here are some of the remote jobs you can start from your home with computer.

1. Website Designer

With a bit of study, and some online tutorials, you easily learn the tips and trick to sell your services. With just a few clients each month, you can easily make a great monthly income without the 9-5 jobs.

2. Digital Marketing Expert

Strengthening a marketing message is top priority for any blogger or website owner. Simply posting, creating images, shortening links, creating compelling social posts, linking strategies, etc. takes a lot of time and effort. Digital Marketer can charge for this and most business owners would love to outsource this task.

3. E-Book Writer

Do you like writing? Consider becoming a ghost writer for small business ebooks. Interview the subject, agree on the goal for the book and get it written. This is a goal for a lot of business owners I know, but they lack the time to focus on writing it.

4. Virtual Trainer

It’s amazing what we can do over online conference calls. The online training classes rate has skyrocketed during this quarantine because people are home and are able to spend time doing workout and exercise. This is a great time to offer online training over Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc. As a subsidiary, if you have an interest in e-commerce, it might be time to open a virtual store selling training products on the side.

5. Video Editing

Video marketing is popular marketing tool for business to promote or share a message and this will required a video editors help. Besides, many amateur youtuber need assistants with their videos too. You may lend your hand on this task to them for a fee.

6. Content Writing

Many businesses need writers for their websites or blogs, which they may not have time to do themselves. It’s time for you to offer your copywriting services. Copywriting service may include business profile, product review, and press release, resume writing, etc.

7. Online Tutor

To piggy back on the previous point, parents are getting more and more worried that their kids might fall behind due to the schools closing during critical time. This is a great time to market virtual tutoring services.

8. Online Community Builder

Now, more than ever, people are joining online communities to connect and network. Building community takes a lot of planning, time and effort. Again, it’s something most business owners would love to outsource it. Offer your services to help build community for their business.

9. Programmer or Developer

Business this days need online presence to showcase their product and services to the outside world. You may offer your programming skills to develop a mobile app or help with programming codes for a software.

It’s time to explore and grab that remote job.

Good Luck!


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