Fact Sheet & Pitch Deck (8Slides)

1. Business Solution - I need a pitch deck to consist of below to mention: (Content from me) 2. Fact Sheet (1page) Below are the contents - Contents from me. a. What is it about? [Solution pitch] b. What does it do for me? What is the end state benefit for my business? [Benefit statement] c. How does it work? [Salient features and functionality, the various components and its purpose] d. How much does it cost? e. How can I sign-up? f. How can I use it? [Activation and training process] g. How can I know more? [Who and how can I reach out to obtain more information]

Budget: RM 50.00 - RM 150.00
Deadline: April 12, 2020
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April 9, 2020