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Hi, My name is Abdul Mun'im from Kedah. I am looking for a copywriter for my website. Currently, I am doing it alone to set up my online store. The website address is here, www.jonscripts.com. Basically, the store sells calligraphy and cultural T-shirts (Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and other). There are other additional designs that we sell in the store. I want the website to be full of well-written content (About Us, Blogs, Design printing method, shipping policy, return policy etc). I have included most of the key points in all those pages. However, I need someone to revise and rewrite it so that it can be looked professional enough for the business. I feel urged to know how you can offer your service for this business. This website is not officially launched yet. I would love to hear your offer, let say if I want to hire you for the whole project until the completion. We can discuss the price of the custom order. Looking forward for your feedback. Thank you.

Budget: RM 100.00 - RM 650.00
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September 26, 2019