Why you should hire a freelance writers?

Reasons for hiring freelance writers in Malaysia

Many business don’t consider hiring freelance writers when they start their companies, but in reality, almost every business can benefit from working with a writer. Freelance writers don’t just make a living writing article content or blogs. Instead, for most freelance writers, content marketing is their bread and butter. That means that they are specialists in creating content that sells your product and services, which something that is often very difficult to do in-house. When you consider this ability, the question becomes not whether your business can benefit from working with a freelance writer but instead how you can get by without one. Here is a closer look at some of the reasons your business should consider hiring a freelance writer, including how you can close the deal with the right writer for your needs.

So, what exactly does a freelance writer do?

Freelance writers are in the business of content creation. They work with a number of different kinds of clients to produce content according to each individual client’s needs. When you decide to work with a freelance writer, you will set out the terms of the work that you need to be completed, negotiate payment terms, and then receive the content that was created according to your specifications. Freelance writers can adopt the voice of different brands and write to different style preferences, so that the content you get sounds like it was created by someone in-house, instead of a freelancer.

For this work, you get the benefit of working with someone on a freelance basis instead of the additional expense of hiring a full-time employee to be in charge of content creation, as well as the expertise your freelance writer has in the field of content marketing. You also get the benefit of working with a professional writer, instead of making in-house content creation a second thought that gets done by anyone who has some free time in their schedule. Quite simply, the content that is created by a freelance writer will be better since freelancers have the time to focus on the content exclusively.

What kind of content can a freelance writer create?

You name it, and a freelance writer can create it. The issue is finding the right writer for the job you need to be completed. Some of the most common forms of content that freelance writers are hired to create include:

Blog posts.

For businesses, freelance writers usually create blog posts that are SEO-driven to highlight services or products provided by the company. These posts are designed to drive traffic to the business site and establish the business as an industry player. Freelance writers also sometimes ghost-write posts for personal blogs and write journalistic style blogs for news sites.

Website content copy.

These pieces are written to be core website pages, such as landing pages, location pages, FAQs, and product/services pages. These pages are also written with SEO in mind, so that they drive traffic to your site.

Ad Marketing copy.

Ad copy can be published on your website, in other ads across the web, in ads in print publications, and in circulars direct-mailed to your customers. Since freelance writers do marketing writing for a living, they are adept at creating the right kind of ad copy for different styles of campaigns.


eBooks are long-form, in-depth guides to a specific topic. Often, businesses offer eBooks for free download. They help to make the business appear authoritative about the topic in question.

White papers.

White papers are informational, long-form texts like eBooks, but they are more analytical and data-driven in style and format. For governmental groups, white papers are used to argue for a specific viewpoint using data to support the position. For businesses, white papers are used for marketing purposes but are still rooted in careful data analysis.

Case studies.

Case studies are in-depth examinations of a single topic or issue. They are more singularly focused than eBooks but can be less formal than white papers.

Social media content.

Tweets, Facebook posts, and other social media posts that highlight other pieces of content and market the products/services of the business.

Product manuals.

From technical manuals to intensive how-to guides, freelancers can write copy for your website and that can be included in your packaging to help consumers use your products more efficiently.

Business Plan / Grants.

Freelance writers can prepare business plan or grant applications on behalf of your company, carefully following the requirements for each individual grant. A successful business plan writer can dramatically increase your chances of obtaining the grants you are seeking.

This long list of content types is just a sampling of the work that a freelance writer can do for your business. Whether you need a few social media posts or an entire novel to be ghost-written, you can find a freelance writer who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to create the content you want.

Whatever kind of content you hire a freelance writer to create, you can rely on the fact that they are doing something that is very difficult for business owners to do themselves: tell the story about your company in a way that your customers can understand. It’s always challenging for companies to distill the information they want to provide to their customers to a level that doesn’t require any specialized knowledge. When you’re close to the business, it’s hard to see what a new customer will need to know. A freelance writer brings that fresh perspective and presents your information in a way that is straightforward and clear.

How can I start hiring freelance writers?

The easiest way to find a freelance writer is to write a job description and submit it to online job sites. Freelance writers visit these sites frequently to search for new clients and pitch for jobs that seem like a fit for the kind of work they can do. Content Writer Malaysia has a job request board for employers in search of freelance writers that will give our content writers an opportunity to see your project and apply for it in a few simple steps.

Businesses can also browse our service jobs offered by our freelance writers and purchase the job package service. Within the profile page of the writer, you will find writing samples, get information about past writing experience and ratings. Content Writer Malaysia platform allow both business and freelance writers use the most advanced tools available to communicate project works and ability to submit work within the system. See how a freelance writer can change the way you do business by using our platform to find a writer today!

December 19, 2018